Tron was the most mentioned crypto money on Twitter

Tron's founder Justin Sun shared that Tron was the most talked-about crypto money on Twitter yesterday.

In this success, Justin Sun's share is great, his community is Tron'u, and he is the first to be mentioned on Twitter, Bitcoin and Verge. Twitter is encouraging you to list the most talked about. Tron's position in social media also influences his performance as a crypto coin.

The price of the Tron, the 10th largest cryptographic currency with a market value of billion dollars 0.07 dollars . 48%, in the last 24 hours 9% in value.

Tron's performance and its activity in social media also influenced day-to-day operations

The Tron community continues to share their views on Tron from Twitter

Nakul Malhotra, in response to Justin Sun,

Justin, you're fine. Tron does not even need to advertise when you are there. Good luck. We will enter the top 5 in 2018.

Geroge Arguido,

Justin Sun never sleeps like a machine, his surname is Sun. Tron community is grateful to you.

Alex R, experienced in bitcoin trade, is more suspicious of Tron.

It does not mean that Tron is quality, being the most mentioned coin on Twitter. People will look for a place to escape when you realize that Tron has no qualifications.

Tron has made great progress since the beginning of April. At the beginning of the month the price was around $ 0.03 .