TROY Amazons Additional Pack is Free

A Total War Saga: TROY’s first add-on package, Amazons, which was completely free in the past weeks, is distributed free of charge. To add the add-on package to your Epic Games account, just follow a few simple steps.

Offering players normally paid games free of charge every week for over a year Epic Games Storehas also increased the size of the games it offers recently. The company has presented many major productions, including GTA V, to the players in the past weeks. One of these productions is the last game of the Total War legend. A Total War Saga: TROY‘was.

The legendary series of the strategy genre was about the Trojan war with its new game. Normally 215 TL price tag Ownership, the game was made available to players for free more than a month ago. So much so that in the first hour of the campaign, the game was downloaded 1 million times.

The game’s first additional package was free:

a total war saga troy amazon

Today, we have even more good news for players who have downloaded and tried A Total War Saga: TROY and liked it. The first additional pack to come to the game A Total War Saga: TROY Amazons The additional pack was also completely free, just like the game itself. In order to get this additional pack that brings new sides to the game, the things you need to do are quite simple.

To add A Total War Saga: TROY Amazons additional pack to your Epic Games Store account, you must follow 3 steps has. The first thing you should make sure to have the supplement package is a Total War Access your account should be. If you don’t have an account by clicking this link You can create a new account for yourself.

a total war saga troy

After creating your account or logging into your existing account to this link Click and reach the page where you can view the items in your account. At the top of this page ‘A Total War Saga: TROY – AMAZONSYou will see a title named ‘. Click on this title and ‘Claim CodePress’.

An error message will appear, don’t panic. Because we haven’t linked our account to Epic Games yet. For this, under the error message ‘Link Epic GamesClick on the ‘link and then Connect and connect the account. Now again repeat the above steps. If you click on the Claim Code option, you will see a code.

a total war saga troy free


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You can also enter the code you encounter in Epic Games yourself. However, under the code ‘Epic Games‘If you click on the text, the code in a new tab automatically It will be activated in your Epic Games account. After these transactions, you can try all the innovations offered by the first additional package of A Total War Saga: TROY.

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