Trump wants Apple to produce in the US

US President Trump calls for domestic production to avoid the upsurge of Apple products as a result of sanctions imposed on China.

Trump, in a tweet on September 8th, the factories say that China's technology giant, Apple, genius, and made a call to produce its products in the US. "The price of Apple products may increase due to the tariffs we can apply to China, but we can simply solve it with tax exemption and tax incentives," said the US President, "as the US president says:" Start production in the USA instead of China. ! "


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In another statement that he made on September 8, Trump stated that in addition to the tariffs to be applied to products worth $ 200 billion imported from China, the $ 267 billion new vaccine is ready for implementation.

25 percent customs duty on the product in dollar value. More tariffs on the $ 467 billion product produced in China mean that all trade between the two countries will be smashed under customs tax.


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Imports of US imports of $ 505.5 billion from China last year are close to $ 250 billion for the first quarter of this year.