Trump's F-35 Sale Suspended Area Arrangement Non-functioning Output

In recent days there has been a lot of space on the agenda; US President Trump Turkey's F-35 sales to suspend sanctions, ostensibly output. [19659002] As you know, tensions between the US and Turkey is rapidly climbing. Said tension exerted the most effective elements dollars may seem as dramatic changes in the exchange rate as on the other hand, US President Trump a rest, USA Turkey from F-35 warplanes teslimanıt not stop for sanctions in the press need or social in a quite place has come into being in the media. However, the betting situation; At first glance, it does not progress as it comes to mind. US these sanctions put into force by the President of the showpiece, only remains valid for 90 days. [19659003] Turkey's F-35 is on the plans considered is expected to log in to our country in these 90 days of any F-35 or any aircraft deliveries no. In a clearer sense Trump's project for 90 days is not affected in any way.


            Then the F-35 Delivery Suspension of Turkey, Indigenous Wars Jedi Project Receives Government Support

Although the US President has the right to terminate the project, of course, abandoning such a large-scale project will turn into an act against the US as much as we do.

The F-35 project in the United States is being launched as a large-scale project in the US that will result in significant cost savings.

As we already have a "2" F- is continuing. On the other hand, some parts of the betting aircraft are provided by 10 different Turkish firms. However, when considering the nature of Trump's decisions, it is of course worth noting that the possibility of ending this partnership is blatant. The breakthrough for this decision is one of the elements that will determine the future communication of the two countries.