TUBITAK Acquires Unbelievable Infrared Camera Project

Muslim Incedal, a high school graduate in Gaziantep, made an infrared camera with his own possibilities. Incedal, who sold the camera to TUBITAK, stated that the authorities did not believe him in the first place.

Muslim Incedal, who graduated from a vocational high school, at the age of 37 years, left his job after years of working in factories and developed himself on industrial imaging.

Finally, Incedal, who sold the infrared camera belonging to his own to TUBITAK, said, "I can do big things for my country, the authorities of the state will own me."

Incedal, technological products imported into Turkey itself can Noting that İncedal, "I am producing a thermal imaging camera with many features. I'm working about 10 years in this process. these products are certainly not manufactured in Turkey and also while around $ 100,000 abroad, b-financed state institutions so cheaply, I sell a price between 15 and 20,000 TL. "

TUBITAK bought

Incedal suggests that some of the cameras he designs are not made in the world, he said: "

" The systems I have developed are already being used by the industry, I have carried them to more advanced levels. Of course I made them all individually. I did not win the title, and thus did not get support. Then I'm on my own, I began working as an individual.

These products are not produced in our country. from abroad, sold to Turkey very expensive prices. currently, we have come across and I'm point, thermal could even enter into the military field

They found me on the internet.The cracks between the layers of the solar panels reduced the efficiency of the panels. they said they needed all the features of the camera to display the sublayers in order to detect the cracks. So I sent this to them. They did not believe me first. But then, when you submit the project files, they finally believe that I have done it. Then they purchased these cameras from me through the intermediary company. And when they use it, they get very successful results. "

I sell a $ 100,000 camera to 20,000 pounds.

"I did not get a single cent support from the state until now, and I spent all of the money I earned in these jobs." By creating my research and development projects, plan, because I them was a person who financed, can not achieve a notable stage. I can become a corporate structure, on behalf of Turkey would be a serious profit. "

İncedal, requesting support from the Science and Technology Ministry, the necessary facilities emphasized that it could contribute to the country's economy by exporting its produced systems in case it was presented.