TUBITAK'da Artificial Intelligence Institute is planned to be established

Germany-Turkey Speaking at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank Sanav, he has announced plans to establish an Institute for Artificial Intelligence will continue to operate depending on the TUBITAK site.

Germany-Turkey Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank with the participation of Germany Economy and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier was held in Berlin. In his keynote speech, Varank said that developments in the field of artificial intelligence and digital transformation have encouraged politicians to be more active, innovative and solution-oriented.

With the development of artificial intelligence, Minister Varank also touched upon the race to grab a share in the market. 20 By 2030, we are talking about a technology that can add an additional $ 16 trillion to the global economy. This will also bring new growth models, new professions, productivity gains and challenging competitive conditions. Trade wars may entail the rewriting of the economic agenda. we are on the verge of a revolution. " found in the description.

Küresel Global cooperation is needed for the healthy functioning of artificial intelligence studies ”

Similar to other technological developments, Varank states that artificial intelligence is a technology that can be evaluated as beneficial or harmful for humanity depending on its application areas. "Global cooperation is needed for the artificial intelligence work in a healthy way. An honest and fair ecosystem needs to be established by considering the rule of law and democratic values.Minister Varank also reminded that they made a common call to all countries at the G-20 summit in Japan and proposed to establish artificial intelligence standards and ethical norms.

Turkey's emerging technologies in the name of the Minister stating that all opportunities to be mobilized to be one of the last countries Varank, the company that develops digital technologies, R & D, and they will support the innovation activities and said that this way would provide the increase of investments. Varank, "We offer scholarships in the fields of artificial intelligence and related fields with the Humanitarian Support Programs. TUBITAK, our national research organization, continues to develop and implement technology in the field of artificial intelligence. used the phrase.


TUBITAK Supported 5G Products Developed with Domestic and National Facilities

Varank: We are planning to establish an Artificial Intelligence Institute within TUBITAK

Varank public in Turkey, academia and the private sector in the field of artificial intelligence Recalling the important steps, he said: "We need a leading institution to direct and support these steps. We plan to establish an Artificial Intelligence Institute within TUBITAK. This institution will develop core technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and serve as a bridge by offering scientific outputs produced in the academy to the public and private sector."


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The second conference in Ankara in 2020

Varank stated that this institute will do a very important job in the field of artificial intelligence based innovation, and that one of the most important missions of the institute is to create resources for artificial intelligence applications by using the public information. The institute will collaborate with the German Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, the Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence, and specialized universities in Germany. Minister Varank, "There's something we agree with Altmaier. We are planning to hold the second Turkish-German Artificial Intelligence Conference in Ankara in 2020." said.