Tucows Downloads, 1990’s software download site, has been shut down

Tucows Downloads, one of the iconic software download sites used to download software and applications, was closed when application markets were not yet launched. Tucows, the domain name registrar, announced that it was shutting down the Tucows Downloads service, the most popular software library of its time.

Nowadays, whenever we want to download an application, software or anything, we have many possibilities for that. Here is a brief description of what we want to download from Google today. search can be accessed immediately when we do, or for this, Google, Microsoft or Apple developed app stores we can use.

In the old days, this situation was unfortunately not that easy because there were no developed application stores like today. However, some websites and software libraries and we were able to download the necessary software from such third party places. Of course, the software found in such places started to expire day by day and software libraries were also buried in history. One of these libraries is the iconic software download site of the 1990s. Tucows Downloads happened.

Tucows Downloads, active since the 1990s, has been closed:

tucows downloads

Tucows retired Tucows Downloads, which was active from the early 1990s to 2020. Opening “The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software” Tucows, as the name suggests, had a download section for Windows that contained many software. Tucows finally releases this download portion, which can remain active until early 2021. closing made the decision.

On the company’s website Tucows Downloads When you want to visit the part of it, a note appears. On Note Tucows CEO Elliot Noss, “Tucows Downloads is very old. Maintaining old sites is a challenge and even a risk. The maintenance of Tucows Downloads was forcing our employees to separate us from jobs that would take us forward.” made the explanations.

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