Türk Telekom to Present eCall Technology with Honda

Türk Telekom will deliver eCall technology to Honda owners in cooperation with Honda. The technology, which provides automatic or manual access to authorizations in traffic accidents, will also open the door to innovations such as in-car internet. eCall will be available in new generation Honda vehicles.

Türk Telekom is critical for vehicle owners and makes life easier “eCallIt offers its service named “Honda” for the service of consumers. Thanks to this feature, vehicle owners can Emergency Call CenterThey will be able to reach. Moreover, this service will be able to reach 112 teams automatically and notify the location of the accident in case of unconscious victims at the time of the accident.

The eCall technology in the new generation Honda vehicles will provide another advantage to the users. So much so that vehicle owners, thanks to this technology in-car internetInnovations such as navigation service where live traffic data can also be displayed, driving performance reporting and fault reporting. in a practical way they will be able to use.

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Barış Karakullukçu, Türk Telekom Chief Strategy, Planning and Digital Assistant General Manager, will begin told. Stating that the authorities can be reached without wasting time in possible traffic accidents, Karakullukçu, action can be taken He added.


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In a statement made by Honda Turkey Assistant General Manager Bulent Kılıçer eCall system New generation It was stated that it will be delivered to consumers as a security technology. According to Kılıçer’s statements, eCall technology will be integrated into all models of Honda in the future. When and how eCall technology will come to other brands of vehicles for now Unknown.

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