Turkcell Announces New Cyber ​​Security Service Bozok

Turkcell announced the new cyber security service Bozok, which promised to prevent possible cyber attacks by providing real-time information on cyber security. Bozok will provide information to companies and public institutions in four different categories.

It has become more than a GSM operator with the digital services it announced in recent years. Turkcellhas increased in parallel with the digital transformation process that has been accelerating in recent years to prevent cyber attacks announced a new service.

According to the transferred information Bozoklar called Turkcell’s new cyber security serviceIt specifically targets companies and public institutions and offers real-time cyber threat information, making it possible to prevent possible cyber attacks before they happen.

turkcell bozok

According to the information provided by Turkcell, it receives cyber attack data from more than 50 sources including organizations such as Bozok, GSMA, FIRST, and Turkcell Cyber ​​Security engineers are refined and reported possible threats.

Turkcell provides information on four different types of hazards with Bozok;

  • hash: File summary information, which is kept at certain standards with crypto methods, is used as data for the detection of malware / files.
  • Domain / URL: Domains that are likely to contain malware are shown as potential threat points by Bozok.
  • Email: Users will be warned for suspicious e-mail address engaged in Phising-like activities.
  • ROPE: Bozok will warn you for IP addresses that have been detected to have malicious traffic or engaged in various harmful activities.