Turkey, 38 countries in ignorance Index Values ​​Between 9

Ipsos MORI's 2017 'Ignorance Index' was announced. in relation to events that occurred in the country based research have knowledge, Turkey took 9th place. [19659002] market research firm Ipsos MORI's ignorance Index, which every year was shared with the 2017 results public. Brazil, Philippines, Peru, India, Indonesia, Colombia and Mexico, followed by Brazil, Philippines, and Peru, respectively, while South Africa was the country where the most wage earners lived on September 29 between October 28 and October 19 with 29,133 people aged between 16 and 64 aged between 16 and 64. [19659003] which ranks 9th in 2016, while maintaining its place Turkey, Sweden was the country at the end of the list. The United States is in the 23rd place. In the previous year the most widespread country was India, while the Netherlands was the last.

How much do you know from those who live in your own country?

The people who participated in the research are the people who live in the country such as 'murder', 'suicide', 'terrorism', 'healthy life', 'mobile phone ownership', 'social media usage', 'vaccination rate' etc. questions are being asked. And the answers to these questions reveal how much citizens are aware of events taking place in their own countries.

Extremely sensitive to economic magnitude!

Research is also important in showing that the economic situation of countries is not determinative of the outcome. For example, while the world's wealthiest country is the United States, the people of the United States rank 23rd. Countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Montenegro, which have smaller economies than the US, are more 'conscious'.

Experts say it is related to 'sensitivity' to social and social asylum. In countries where law and justice actually work, people are becoming more aware of these issues as they approach it relatively more sensitively to social problems such as murder and suicide.