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The Financial Transaction Task Force (FATF), Bitcoin and crypto are preparing to introduce new rules for the currency sector. FATF wants to help its member states provide guidance on the relevant crypto currency industry. According to a FATF spokesman, the governing body is expected to prepare a note on 21 June. Among the members of the FATF it is taking place in Turkey.

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is an institution that helps FATF members develop best practices for their financial industries and ecosystems. Recent reports show that this financial authority is preparing to provide some rules about Bitcoin and the crypto currency sector. Bloomberg announced that the FATF will issue a note on June 21.

The aim is to shed light on how some member states should implement regulatory oversight in their local crypto currency sectors. FATF’s new rules on crypto currencies will require crypto-money businesses in nearly 200 countries to collect data on all users who trade over $ 1,000 or 1,000, from crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken to asset manager Fidelity Invesments.

Eric Turner Messari: “His recommendations could have a far greater impact than the SEC.”

FATF spokesman Alexandra Wijmenga-Daniel

The new rules will apply to businesses that work with tokens and crypto currencies, such as stock and custody companies and crypto hedge funds.

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How to FATF Regulations to Bitcoin Industry

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