Turkey, Most Cases Reported coronavirus 2. Had Country

Turkey, according to the report Worldometers among countries reporting the most cases were settled as 2 coronavirus. Due to the frightening increase, new measures are in question.

The number of coronavirus cases, which has increased in the last 24 hours, has reached scary levels. According to the table announced on April 6 49,584 cases after India with the highest number of coronavirus Turkey was the country reporting the case. However, because our country do not notice when India announced a number of cases in Turkey it took place in the first period.

At the same time, the most deaths in the last 24 hours 9. Turkey became the country. Considering the information announced by the Ministry of Health, the rate of increase in cases seems quite serious. Looking at the countries reporting the most cases, India 115,246 first place with the case, America 19,807 third place by case, Iran 17,430 it ranks fourth with the case. While the whole world was coming under a new wave, full closure conversations started to take place in our country.

Mansur YavaƟ canceled all his appointments

Frightening Increase

After the huge coronavirus increase in Ankara Mansur Yavas announced that he had postponed all his meetings. Ankara Provincial Health Director According to him, intensive care units in Ankara %65 seems full at the rate. increasing cases in the capital of Turkey actually shows the level of the seriousness of the situation. Likewise, security and coronavirus measures are being carried out intensively in Ankara.


Coronavirus Statement That Fears Experts: The Daily Number of Cases Will Find 50 Thousands

Turkey in Ankara and in all provinces due to the increasing number of severely ill patients in general Ramadan It seems that the return of the bans on the weekend may reduce the number of cases to some extent. 50.000 limit is specified as the critical limit. If the citizens do not show the necessary care about normalization, it is certain that very difficult days await our country.

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