Turkey, Per Student Had At Least 3 Money Consuming Countries

According to the 2019 training report prepared by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the annual education expenditures of the countries per student were determined. According to the 500-page report, Luxembourg is the country that spends the most money per student, while Mexico is the country that spends the least.

Education is of great importance for all countries. As a result, the future of a country is determined by the policies and new technologies that come from the hands of educated people. As a result, governments are spending a lot of money on education and ultimately getting their return.

In education as in carrying out their work, and more than 30 countries located "Economic Cooperation and Development Organization" s (OECD) prepare the 2019 report on education if both Turkey reveals spending in education to other OECD countries demonstrate. This report, which consists of approximately 500 pages, contains very striking data.


According to the OECD's 2019 educational report, Luxembourg is the country that spends the most money for each student. Luxembourg spends 21 thousand 470 dollars (approximately 125 thousand TL) per year for each of its students, which is almost twice the overall average of OECD countries. The average expenditure of OECD countries for each student is around 10 thousand 502 dollars (about 61 thousand TL).

The United States ranks second. The country under Donald Trump spends 16 thousand 987 dollars (approximately 100 thousand TL) annually for each of its students. The USA is followed by Austria. The country's annual education expenditure per student is 15 thousand 806 dollars (approximately 92 thousand TL).


According to OECD data, Mexico is the country that spends the least amount of money per year for its students. Mexico, for each student 3 thousand 632 dollars per year (approximately 21 thousand TL) is spending. Colombia is located just above Mexico, and Colombia spends an estimated $ 3,661 ($ 21,200) annually on its students.

Turkey's education report


We will tell us all too uncomfortable, but Turkey is what unfortunately very low expenditure on education had been staying with the OECD average. Since 2010, our GDP by 24 percent increase education spending, even though we have this situation, unfortunately, insufficient for a developing country such as Turkey. In addition, the expenditure we make today corresponds to 5.4 percent of our overall Gross National Product.

According to the data obtained in 2016, the OECD's Turkey, only 5 thousand 633 dollars per student (about 33 thousand) spends. These expenditures cover all students from primary school to university. However, these figures unfortunately do not fully ensure that students receive a good education.

OECD rankings Turkey, the third probe

The studies in Turkey, students across OECD countries reveals that the third country to spend the least money. As we mentioned earlier also after Turkey's Mexico and Colombia.


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According to the research in Turkey, OECD countries allocated the least amount of money in order to reach the average per student is supposed to remove almost doubled. We wish that in the coming years, our country achieves to exceed the OECD average by increasing the expenditures on education and raising the quality of education.