Turkey's Supply Chain Blockcha first project in the field in late life

logistics for the implementation of Turkey's first blokcha supply chain areas, trade, banking and customs brokerage companies joined forces. According to a report by Turkishtime magazine, a blockchain project to be set up on IBM's Blockchain Platform will be the first commercial launch of a product from Lyon to Manisa as a pilot application and a financial and financial follow-up to the blockchain network.

 IBM will use Blockchain

target, eliminate errors, fast, reliable and transparent platform to adapt to Turkey's trade. leading the consortium Guler is dynamic and national software company ATEZ IBM to develop a new and a national solution for the use Blockcha on the platform in trade blockcha.

continue working on various applications in the world for Blockcha technology, Turkey's trade that will allow the process of digitization the work for the first blockchain solution was initiated. A large consortium of ACC, Güler Dynamic Customs Brokerage Company, ATEZ Software, Chain & Chain Technologies, Schneider Electric, Schenker Arkas, Vakifbank, Universal Training and Consulting, FLS Logistics and ACC Authorized Customs Consultancy, Turkey's Manisa will integrate the technology blockcha a trade to be made to the city. This end to end, so that very party and it will be Turkey's first blockcha initiative related to the supply chain. This application will be implemented using the IBM Blockchain Platform and IBM consultancy from the supply stage to the delivery of the product.

Accordingly, a product produced by the suppliers will first come to the Schenker Lyon Distribution Center. The required import and export documents will be encrypted by uploading on the blockchain network. Giving an overview of the product up to the declaration of Turkey, to be bonded warehouse facilities, granting of warehouse declaration, all of the many steps, such as the granting of customs import declaration will take place over the blockcha.

Blockchain will accelerate and transparent trade flow

Kenan Güler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Güler Dinamik, who leads the project idea and leads this consortium, As a result of Turkey's first pilot study will provide a major contribution to international trade digitalisation Mani said he opened the front. Güler stated that world trade reached $ 16.1 trillion from $ 15.7 trillion by the end of 2017,

"There is also a cost of about $ 2 trillion in this trade. Within this cost, it is known that the border crossing costs are higher than the transport costs of the goods according to the DB data. Approximately 100 people and nearly 200 information / document movements take place when they download 30 institutions in an international commercial installment and these persons.

Güler said that the costs are higher in a trade that does not take place on the blockchain platform, he said, adding that the trade will be a transparent, fast and reliable trade network with the integration of blockchain technology at every stage until the importation of the international trade from the supplier, for example, that a single-page document pertaining to the circulation of goods came to $ 80 from abroad, and that it would be digitized via the blockchain network. In some cases, the transfer of international documents took 1-1.5 days with the existing routes, but the blockchain and this will happen within seconds. According to Guler's statement, Vakifbank will be responsible for the financing phase of this blockchain scenario by the payment process. Thus, not only the commercial transactions within the scope of the project, but also the financial part of the trade will be moved to the blockchain network, resulting in a versatile result. Payments will automatically take place on the blockchain, depending on the contracts between the parties.

The network will be built with domestic resources

The platform that will set an example for industry 4.0 applications, especially on the service sector side, will be fully prepared with domestic resources in the digitizing world. In the project, where IBM's consultancy will be hosted by local software developers, the know-how of experienced consortium members in international trade and the know-how and experience of IBM's blockchain will be combined. Turkey's experience in logistics and customs legislation will be transferred to the supply chain network with national blockcha software to be developed. It will also be possible to integrate with all similar platforms around the world as a blockchain network compatible with the legislation. While the project is expected to accelerate the processes in the risk-based inspections to be carried out by the state, it is aimed to prevent the possible mistakes that are made at the same time effectively. This project will use the Blockcha technology, digitization and outside Turkey to gain international competitive advantage in the supply chain and other sectors to ensure the opening of the front.

Blockcha a top mind for other technologies

Guler, Turkey, stating that an intense interest in the blockcha as in the world, in terms of other technologies used in the business world of blockcha said that now become a top mind. Guler, on the technology, the advantages as well as members of the consortium, experience is also saying it would bring success,

"Our difference is focused on blockcha technology in the field of supply chain in Turkey and experienced all parties that we are the only consortium brought together. Each consortium member has a deep experience in this sector "

said . digitalisation of Turkey's trade, the cost of those who say they will contribute to the strengthening of decline and the principles of transparency, Guler " Our next goal is of course to become a part of the international supply chain by expanding the consortium. We will continue our work with this target "" AT EZ Software, Block Chain, Chain & Chain Technologies, ACC Accredited Customs Consulting with FLS Logistics, France, Güler Dynamic Customs Brokerage Company, Manisa, Schenker Arkas, Schneider Electric, Turkey, Universal Education and Counseling, Vakıfbank