Turkish National Keyboard Team Became World Champion This Year

The World Internet Keyboard Championship, one of the most prestigious fast keyboard competitions in the world, ended yesterday after the finals lasted 2 months. The Turkish National Team, which won 8 medals with record results last year, became the champion of the competition with 9 medals this year. The record word count came from Nisan Maya Tunçoğlu, who broke last year’s record.

Known as the largest of the competitions in the field of fast keyboard use World Internet Keyboard ChampionshipAfter a long period, the winners were determined. 839 competitors the finals that took about 2 months again resulted in favor of the Turkish team.

In the competition held last year, the Turkish National Team, he left the championship as the first by taking 8 medals with record results. The change this year has been the number of medals: Our national team, Won 9 medals and became the World Champion this year as well..

Turkish National Team marked the competition: 9 medals, 1 of which is a record

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Affiliated with the United Nations INTERSTENO International Information Technology and Communication Federation Tens of thousands of people participated in the competition organized by. The Turkish National Team, which made it to the finals after the eliminations, closed the competition with 1 record and 9 medals.

Finals of the competition in which 20 countries participated, March 15 – May 12 Created between. A total of 24 medals were awarded to the best 3 racers in 8 races in two race types and 4 age categories with the distinction of mother tongue and multilingual (16 languages). Turkish National Team; one is about to be a world record 3 championships, 2 second places and 4 third places and became the champion of the tournament as a team. The other 15 medals were won by Czechia (5 medals), Japan (3 medals), Italy (3 medals), USA (1 medal), Poland (2 medals) and Slovakia (1 medal).

Last year’s record 0 – 12 age World Champion Nisan Maya Tunçoğlu broke her own record between the ages of 13 and 16 this year.

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Participants from Afyonkarahisar’s Miralay Reşatbey Primary School in the 0 – 12 age category of the competition Merve is happy, wrote 80 words per minute and became the World Champion. From Sandıklı Cumhuriyet Secondary School of Afyonkarahisar April Maya Tuncoglu by breaking last year’s record He became the World Champion of the 13 – 16 age group. Tunçoğlu won the competition last year with 109 words per minute. This number increased to 135 this year.

The winner of the 17 – 20 age category, Mete Özen from Şişli Champion Course happened. Care, 119 words per minute by writing became World Champion.

Other National Team competitors who won medals:

  • Şerife Nisa ERDİN (Afyonkarahisar / Sandıklı Miralay Reşatbey Primary School, 2 medals)
  • Miray KAYACAN (Afyonkarahisar / Sandıklı Miralay Reşatbey Primary School)
  • Nisan Maya TUNÇOĞLU (Afyonkarahisar / Sandıklı Cumhuriyet Secondary School, 2 medals)
  • Bağdagül ÖZKAN (Afyonkarahisar / Sandıklı Republic Secondary School)
  • Erdi ÇİLLER (Council of State)

‘Keyboard races should be e-sports’

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5 Items to Keep in Mind to Use a Faster Keyboard!

Officials of INTERSTENO Turkey Representation pointed out that keyboard lessons are given to primary school children in many parts of the world. The officials stated that the weight given to handwriting in Europe and America was reduced and keyboard lessons were added to the curriculum. even fast keyboard competitions should count as e-sports expressed.