Turkish Researcher Emin Gün Sirer and Team Announced New Blockchain Protocol

Emin Gün Sirer, a renowned researcher at Cornell University who is known for his deep research on Blockchain talked about new protocols developed on Blockchain. Speaking at the event Token Summit III he attended in New York, he noted that the new protocol is a combination of the classic consensus and the Nakomoto consensus.

The newly developed protocol is both easy to use and simple; as well as being very strong Sirer, with a team of a long time to work for this job is indicated; they were happy to finally finish it. Sirer, who works with him and does not prefer to explain the name, expressed his name as Team Rocket inspired by Pokemon


Sirer informed about protocols named Snowflake, Snowball and Avalanche ; that the process is based entirely on randomization;

According to the system, which is the technical philosophy under Nakomoto's conscience and below Bitcoin, all of the miners must fit into something and accept it so that you can walk. In his speech, Sirer stated that the classic consensus model is based on 2 out of 3 of the votes of the network participants.

However, Sirer and his team have made this study; Not everyone in the crypto money community is impressed. In particular, a crowd of heads of Ethereum developers Vlad Zamfir considers this new system of Sirer not to be very effective. Zamfir explains what he did from his Twitter account;

Zamfir, who is the name of the latest Casper update to be released by Ethereum in the near term and which will go into the proprietary model, and who is talking about the new protocol of Sirer, said that Nakamoto consensus, which is the nature of the protocols,

"I do not think it will be so easy for the nature of the code. They have found a combination of some of the world's best and worst sides. In the network model, I can not say that we like the system of possibilities very much. At least my view is that way. "