Turkish Team Meets Google Translate With Footballers

Çermikspor, who connects two Colombian football colors, is trying to communicate with football players via Google Translate because he does not have any Spanish-speaking interpreters.

The people of our country are generally known for their practical intelligence. Thanks to this feature, we can be very successful in some jobs. The last practical example of intelligence came from football. Çermikspor, who rose to the Amateur League in Diyarbakır 1st Amateur League last year, has contacted Luis Alberto and Diego Alejandro, who transferred from Colombia's young national team, with Google Translate help.

In Çermik Spor, the solution seems to be working smoothly right now.

Çermikspor coach Haci Eroğlu said, "We have transferred two Colombian football players through the managers. But we have trouble communicating. For now, we agree with the translation applications we download to mobile phones. They also got to the school and got used to us. The license fees of the two Colombian footballers and the annual receivables will be covered by Şehmus Karamehmetoğlu, Mayor of Çermik. We thank him for his support. We will play for the first time and we aim to win the Super Amateur League. The team will shoot accordingly. On August 10th the whole team will be gathered in the district, then the camp period will start. "


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Colombian soccer players, bringing a big voice in the local sense as a transfer, were welcomed with great joy in the 50 thousand population. The Çermikspor fans, who call for coffee and serve tea, seem to have already begun negotiations with Colombian footballers. Galatasaray's legendary goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon'da Galatasaray'ın because of the Colombian footballers who say, in our country amateur league football development is expected to contribute to the development.