Turkstat announces the number of vehicles registered to traffic

Turkey Statistical Institute announced the number of registered vehicles in traffic. According to the data of 22 million 972 thousand 552 vehicles officially it is circulating in traffic. [19659002] Turkey Statistics Institute, data is shared with motor vehicles komuo. According to the shared data, there are 22 million 972 thousand 552 registered vehicles in total in the end of March. 54.2 percent of these vehicles, the largest share of the cars, while the lowest amount of 0.3 percent of the special purpose vehicles are formed. Special-purpose vehicles, firefighters, ambulances and vehicles used to serve a purpose such as armored vehicles are entering. The number of traffic records in March was set at 58,708.

The proportion of vehicles registered to traffic increased by 72.5 percent in March. This increase observed on a monthly basis decreased by 37.9 percent year-on-year.

The sale of 643,356 vehicles in March was carried out by a notary public. 71 percent of these sales are automobiles.
In March, according to the number of cars registered with the number of vehicles in the car, Renault ranked first with a ratio of 16.1 percent. Fiat followed Fiat with 12.3 percent and Volkswagen with 11 percent.

In the January-March period, 39.5 percent of motor vehicles registered with traffic records have an engine cylinder volume of 1501-1600. The ratio of vehicles with engine cylinder volume was 1 percent in 2001 and above. Most white colored vehicles were preferred during this period. The proportion of white colored vehicles is 53.2 percent
In terms of fuel type, LPG has a ratio of 37.8 percent, while almost every brand has dropped over 0.1 percent of hybrid and electric motor vehicles.

You can find all the data shared by TurkStat here