Turquoise and Black Taxi Prices

We are in touch with the taxis we thought would provide a more comfortable and cheaper service after the UBER incident.

In the new period turquoise and black taxis appeared to offer more expensive travel. Drivers who use the D and E segment vehicles as commercial taxis are raising prices by 15% over the tariff.


            Here is the New Taksil of Istanbul's Turquoise and Black Colors

Fahrettin Can, President of Atatürk Airport Taxi Cooperative, said: "Turquoise taxis offer 115 liras a trip to 115 liras, the difference is actually saving 200 liras for black luxury taxis. According to the appellant, these tools will grow even more. "

As far as we understand, comfortable travel in the new era will pay more for the way.


            Taxi responders to UBER closed the road by making a convoy in Bodrum






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