Twitch: Amazon reissues Pac-Man with level editor and multiplayer

Amazon wants the game for its own streaming platform Twitch Pac-Man Live Studio publish. For the 40th birthday of the yellow, pixel-eating circle, a separate streaming channel will start. In it, several player teams can cooperatively control their own Pac-Men in the browser and navigate together through labyrinths.

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A maximum of four figures can be controlled: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. For a competitive element, there will be monthly rankings in which the best performances are published. "Plays and Creates Twitch Channel Directly on Pac-Man Live Studios", writes Amazon.

An interesting innovation to the arcade game is the level editor. Creative minds can create their own labyrinths there. The editor – like the game itself – is kept relatively simple. Obstacles, power-ups and the white capsules required for victory can be placed on a square playing field. There is suitable music and a description of the level. The creation is then uploaded and can be played by other fans.

Super Mario Maker with Pac-Man

Depending on the rating and popularity, levels are shown in the overview. "The more your labyrinth is played and the more popular it is in the community, the higher it rises in the corresponding menu of the selected levels"Amazon explains. Parallels to the successful Nintendo game Super Mario Maker and its successor Super Mario Maker 2 can be seen here.

Pac-Man Live Studio (Image: Amazon / Bandai Namco)

In addition to the new cooperative variant, this can Original from 1980 be played again. Google had a similar idea for Pac-Man's 30th birthday. A browser based version can still be played when in the search engine "Pac Man" is entered.

Amazon's Twitch game has no release date yet. In Japan, the arcade game published by Namco was launched in July 1980. It is likely that Amazon will also launch in July.

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