Twitter Acquires Scroll For Paid Subscription System

Twitter bought the Scroll initiative, which will have a large place in the paid subscription system, offering its users an ad-free reading experience. With this purchase, what kind of service Twitter’s paid subscription service will be has been shaped almost completely.

Social media giant Twitter’s works on a paid subscription system we have known for a long time. Today, Twitter has taken a move aimed at helping shape the direct subscription system. The company provides its users with sites such as Vox, The Daily Times, BuzzFeed, and USA Today. ad-free content reading experience offering Scroll for an undisclosed amount.

It is unclear what kind of paid subscription system Twitter will still offer. But at the beginning of this year, the company Revue He had given a clue about his plans by incorporating the platform. Revue was a service that allowed users to create and publish their own newsletters. This app is also expected to play a big role in Twitter’s paid subscription service.

What can Twitter’s new subscription service offer?


  • Scroll’s service

The news we have received to date is that the new paid subscription will provide users with a better reading and news acquisition experience, at the same time. to bring in publishers We can say that he will focus. Twitter Vice President of Product Mike Park, What Scroll shared on Twitter about his acquisition in the blog post He also included expressions pointing to this:

We want to reimagine what they’ve done to date to deliver a seamless reading experience to our extremely busy audiences and to allow publishers to deliver cleaner content that will make more money from today’s business models.

(About subscription service) As a Twitter subscriber, imagine accessing Premium features where you can easily read articles on your favorite news source or an author’s newsletter from Revue, with part of your subscription going to the publishers and authors who created the content.

The acquisition of Scroll carries another piece of news:

The acquisition of Scroll by Twitter, also Another application called Nuzzel concerns. Nuzzel, which offers you content based on the people you follow on Twitter, was bought by Scroll in 2019. The owners of Nuzzel announced in their statement that their applications will be closed this week with the purchase of Scroll. However, we realized that a different version of Nuzzel will come to a great extent in the future with the tweet of Twitter Product Vice President Mike Park:


Nuzzel fans: We’re teaming up to discover how to bring the best of Nuzzel to Twitter.

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