Twitter Added Warning Message to Tweet of White House

The tension between Twitter and the US administration continues to increase. Hiding Trump’s post on the grounds of ‘glorifying violence’, Twitter has implemented something similar this time for the sharing of the White House.

As you know, the President of the United States as a result of the ‘George Floyd murder’, which was recently carried out by a police officer in the USA and appears to be on the agenda for a long time. Donald TrumpHad reacted to the protests against George Floyd’s murder with his post on Twitter. Stating that he would not allow such protests and accompanying plunder in the US in his sharing, US President Trump, if necessary, by putting the army into action, that they will end protests he had expressed and warned the protesters.

Social media giant Twitter posted to the post ‘because the post has a quality that exalts violence and threatens the public. Restriction had decided to bring. In addition to this restriction, Twitter applied for a different method. Leaving a link to Trump’s sharing “You can look here for the facts” Leaving the note, the social media giant apparently made Trump and his team extremely angry.

The tension between Twitter and the US administration is climbing:

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Twitter, who warned US President Trump, who stated that if the demonstrators did not stop their actions in the tweet he shared, he would take all the necessary actions. White House He was also charged with closure threats.

Trump management White House team to the protesters in his share today “These bandits are disrespectful to the memory of George Floyd, and we will not allow it as management. We talked to Mr. Governor Tim Walz. He stated that the army is ready to help if necessary. If looting starts, fire starts too. ” shared.

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Social media giant threatened to be closed by the Trump administration twitterthis time, instead of restricting sharing altogether, tend to glorify violence but that because it can attract the attention of society added a comment stating that the content has not been removed because of ‘


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Apparently US administration The problem between and Twitter will continue to grow. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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