Twitter Lost 3.5 Million Users

After Facebook 's share prices depreciated, there were also reviews about Twitter.

Twitter, like the bigger rival Facebook Inc., in some countries regulators hate, harass content and misinformation, better protect user data, and increase transparency in political advertising spending. under pressure. The social media organization has increased the number of accounts removed and suspended in the last few months. This is a reason why the number of users in the second quarter of the previous three months of the monthly number of users has dropped to 335 million. In research conducted by Thomson Reuters, revenue was $ 711 million, up 24 percent from the previous year. Twitter stated that the World Cup in the second quarter is benefiting from two weeks and that the ads are based on a football tournament that generates $ 30 million in revenue. Equivalent earnings per share was in line with the average estimate of Thomson Reuters data at 17 cents per share, although it is not immediately known whether the figures are comparable.


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According to Thomson Reuters data, stocks closed on Thursday due to the operations expected to more than 10 kats over the next 12 months. In the second quarter, it turned out that the number of active users per month in Twitter is 335 million, which is 3.5 million users. Twitter expects this figure to fall once again in September over the current quarter. Twitter now expects to report EBITDA for projected declines for 2018. The company increased annual investment spending from $ 375 million to $ 450 million from $ 450 million to $ 500 million as previously envisaged.


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But the combination of higher spending and lower EBITDA is not always the way to work. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, "Our second quarter results reflect what we do every day to ensure that more people get more value from Twitter.We want them to feel safe to let people express themselves freely, and they can tackle distracting and distracting problem behaviors We have launched new tools to get it. "


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Twitter recently closed 70 million accounts that are considered fake. However, most of them have been on Twitter for a shorter period than 30 days. This means they are never counted as active users per month. Thus, there is nothing to do with their closure, with regard to today's steep decline. After striking the closing bell on Wall Street today, Amazon will report the quarterly earnings report. After the closing of next Tuesday, Apple will release the financial quarter figures. Any report that can be interpreted as a decline is likely to result in a significant decline in the valuation of that company.