Twitter's CEO Bitcoin will pay for employees

Twitter's founder and CEO Jack Dorsey came to the crypto-money community with an offer: making payments to developers who work full-time on Bitcoin Core and other crypto-money ecosystem projects

Bitcoin Core is an open-source protocol. There are no companies that finance Bitcoin's development and there is no Bitcoin leader. Any programmer from around the world can contribute to the construction of the Bitcoin network.

Dorsey, in his few tweets from his personal Twitter account today, contributed a designer with 3-4 crypto money engineers as an open source for a Bitcoin and crypto money ecosystem.

Recruitments will be made within the framework of another company of Dorsey, but developers will only work to expand the Bitcoin and crypto-money ecosystem regardless of Square's business objectives. Dorsey said it was Square's first open-source initiative and that it would focus on strengthening the crypto-money community, not Square's interests.

Dorsey also said that they could also pay with Bitcoin.

Twitter's CEO crypto The desire to expand the money ecosystem is not surprising. He has been actively supporting Lightning Network technology, which has long been foreseen to enable Bitcoin to be transferred almost instantly and with zero transaction fees.

Dorsey recently announced that he purchased 10,000 dollars of Bitcoin per week, considering the average dollar cost.

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