Two Astronauts Returned to Space by SpaceX Coming Back (Live)

Crew Dragon capsule and crew launched into the International Space Station late last May will set off for Earth tonight. NASA will broadcast live the moments of the Crew Dragon capsule leaving ISS.

America-based private space transport company the SpaceX The historic Demo-2 launch mission was successfully carried out in late May. Two NASA astronauts Falcon 9 When it was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) with its rocket, it was a first for SpaceX, and with this mission, for the first time in history, a private company took astronaut into space.

On May 30, the Falcon 9 rocket and Crewe Dragon NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, launched into space with the spacecraft, set foot on the ISS on May 31 after a short trip in space. Since then, astronauts have continued to work on the station and Crew Dragon. To the Earth back return They will set out for.

To watch live when astronauts leave ISS:

Astronauts in space last month, after 2 hours with Turkey tonight at 02.34 They will start their 24-hour journey by boarding Crew Dragon. The moments when Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley say goodbye to the rest of the crew and leave ISS will be streamed live on NASA’s YouTube channel. To witness these moments live, you can follow the YouTube broadcast right above.

What steps will be followed in the return journey of the Crew Dragon capsule?

The second phase of this mission, which has the potential to be a first for space history back in return there are some steps to follow. Accordingly, Crew Dragon, who will leave ISS at night at 02.34, which connects Saturday to the market, when he is far enough away from ISS to bring himself to the position to fall close to Florida. aggressive one ignition will make.

With the entrance to the atmosphere, Crew Dragon’s heat shields It will come into play and the car will begin to fall into the atmosphere after pushing itself into the atmosphere for 6 more minutes. At this stage, heat shields 2000 centigrade will be exposed to temperature. The vehicle will drop at 25 times the speed of sound.

If all goes well, your capsule, Atlantic Ocean or Mexican Gulf It is planned to land at a nearby location. After landing, the crew will be able to change the 30 minutes to 1 hour between will wait for the rescue team to arrive. After the team arrives, the astronauts, whose preliminary health checks will be carried out, will be taken to the shore by a helicopter.


Astronauts SpaceX Sent to Space Come Back to Earth Tomorrow

NASA and SpaceX were briefly the steps to be taken in the second phase of their historical mission, which started on May 30. All these steps that need to be completed successfully, the details together You can take a look at our content above.

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