Two Beautiful News on Ethereum Classic: Support from Binance and Coinbase

There is a serious increase in the number of coins such as Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Binance Coin (BNB).

Ethereum Classic A hard fork made in the Ethereum network in 2016, and now with the market volume of $ 1.56 billion, it is the largest eighth crypt money of the market with a market volume of $ 1.56 billion case. However, it is very likely that ETC will have a much stronger position in the market from now on.

Coinbase announced last month that it would start supporting the tokens in the ERC20 standard, but it did not say exactly which tokens this support would cover. The stock market started to add new tokens to the platform after making this announcement, and one of them will be ETC. According to Coinbase today's statement on sabability, it will be possible to see ETC in Coinbase over the next few months . Coinbase currently supports four different entities such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, and will participate in ETCs once the necessary technical work is completed. Coinbase's blog post is as follows:

"Now we will start the technical work necessary to support the Ethereum Classic. As part of the process, customers can see APIs and similar markers to indicate that the ETC has been added to the platform.

Before this announcement by Coinbase, the price of the ETC was around $ 12.89, but after the announcement, the price went up to $ 16. We are planning to do this within the next few months. The current price of the ETC is $ 15.69.

Binance announced that it will now support ETC / BNB and ETC / USDT pairs on its platform at about 5:30 pm tonight, and it will be a positive one for those coaches in the market.

Before this announcement by Binance, BNB's price of around $ 14.35 rose to $ 16.14 after the announcement, but it has now declined to $ 15.81