Ubcoin develops its own artificial intelligence based content control system

Ubcoin develops its own artificial intelligence-based system, which is based on non-human and deep learning, to automatically direct advertisements and reduce the most legal and ethical risks for the business.

Ubcoin believes that everybody can buy real goods for crypto- Blockchain-based platform that can sell. The platform, which has made a public sale and has collected about $ 4 million in funding from private investors so far, will be part of the UMB mobile application already built by Samsung in more than 10 countries and with more than 16 million installations worldwide.

Content management in public markets is extremely an important issue. A company that only ethically and legally placed content can provide steady growth and create a successful business model.

The lack of content control brings legal risks. For example, Facebook and eBay invested hundreds of millions of dollars in programs to track and block counterfeit news. In the spring of 2018, a $ 35,000 prize contest was held in the Kaggle region, where 4551 teams of data analysts solved the task of "Toxic Comment Classification."

Three approaches to content inspection should be considered:

Manual control [19659003] It is a low quality and expensive approach due to the human factor. Manual control is not acceptable for large-scale projects such as Ubcoin Market

Semi-automatic control and rule-based control

Semi-automatic control is only for structured, highly customized content.

Machine learning-based approach

A forward-looking approach that uses statistical data to classify the content. The technology used in Ubcoin Market is also artificial intelligence based approach.

Situations resolved by the artificial intelligence of Ubcoin Market

Confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the laws of the content

Artificial neural networks perceive content according to the categorization: Drugs, weapons, pornography, etc.

Ethics review

Ubcoin Market;

Often, duplicate ads are placed by fraudsters, and therefore the copying of texts and images should be monitored.

Artificial intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence The integration principle between Ubcoin Market

The Ubcoin Market was set up with three machine learning models based on artificial intelligence

  1. The processing of advertising texts is a deep, bi-directional repetitive neural network model and an algorithm for transforming textual data into a feature vector ResNet Deep neural networks with architectures pre-trained on ImageNet images and trained in their own training examples, Word2Vec
  2. The output is based on the combination of decision trees and uses the XGBoost algorithm which considers the variable data.

Ubcoin Market team uses the GAN algorithms (Generate Adversarial Network) testing. The GAN is a Google-recommended approach in 2014 that teaches each other how a neural network is not used. The Generative Adversarial Network will provide a qualitatively new level of classification of content.

Ubcoin Market will also use artificial intelligence to combat personal suggestions and fraud.

The problem of machine learning models is that they are obsolete over time. The training sample and model parameters need to be updated regularly to ensure that the models are appropriate and give the best prediction quality.

The artificial intelligence process in Ubcoin Market is carried out as follows:

Artificial algorithm is used in order to do this. an example of training is prepared, which consists of relevant examples. After teaching the algorithm, the input algorithm is provided with text and graphics.

Artificial intelligence based on deep neural networks allows Ubcoin Market to automatically manage advertisements containing millions of variables without human factors and to minimize legal and ethical risks for business. to download. Click here to buy Ubcoin tokens now with the discount

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