Uber and Lyft come in a fun rival at CES 2019

Uber and Lyft, which are frequently preferred on trips, achieved a great success in the past year. The two giant companies that have taken the sector completely into their hands, are an ambitious rival this year.

Even though their names are involved in sensational cases, Uber and Lyft applications have been one of the most widely used applications last year. From time to time, media complaints about these companies were brought to the agenda, but customers are very satisfied with the service they receive. These companies, which have quite a large audience, shared the market. The new application "SoMo", which will be introduced at CES 2019 this year, may reverse this situation.


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The company aims to create a different concept with the motto "Plan, Share, Travel," and it enables the participants to participate in stories of journeys in contrast to their competitors. Somo will attract the attention of the young people who use such services by including the social media which is very popular nowadays. Basically, the logic of operation emphasizes the application, while sharing a tool or providing safer transportation from taxis to more appropriate numbers.


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When you want to travel, you need to find the appropriate vehicle, to organize the people to use a common tool and to plan the application from the application. Somo brings together this whole process for you. Under a title called gathering;

Many people, including people you know, can join your group to join your journey, including those you know. The application, where the locations of the people can be shared in the common area, presents the user instantly by comparing the prices in the region.


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If people so wish, they can easily access the people who will participate in the same activity by sharing the activities on social media. The application, which is already registered with 1.4 million vehicles, will serve in 350 cities around the world. Described cities across Turkey now, no one from the city.

SoMo – Plan. Share. Ride