Uber's Flying Taxi Project Supported by NASA

As you know Uber recently became popular in our country. Now, the company that makes the deal with NASA plans to produce small planes.

Due to its ease of use, Uber is being used by many people in our country and around the world. This application, which is based on the vehicle calling system of the users, attracted attention of NASA as well.

NASA, which is in the explanations of the matter, underlined the fact that NASA agreed on the discovery of a flying taxi with Uber, and that NASA's unmanned aerial vehicles used for distribution could be called by the Uber system.


            Uber's Flying Taxi Service Cost Usage

We can say that these planes, which are said to be not too large in size, will be a transportation network that will be used by the leaders of the wealthy segment and the business community. This idea, which the two big companies have partnered with, will surely produce very good and quality results.