UK: Huawei to disappear from nationwide 5G mobile network

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to completely ban the Chinese network supplier Huawei from his country's 5G mobile network. On his instructions, the responsible authorities should draw up a plan with which this step should be completed as quickly as possible and by 2023 at the latest. The British daily The Telegraph reports.

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This focus shows what the new mobile radio standard can do, for whom it makes sense and why scientists warn against 5G rays.

With this step Johnson wants the report in the telegraph reduce dependency on China in trade in goods to have a better starting position in the forthcoming negotiations with the United States on a bilateral economic agreement. It is said that Johnson has also bowed to the growing pressure from several Tory MPs who are taking the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to push back China's influence – Johnson is said to share their concerns.

Huawei had previously been accused of possible espionage for the Chinese government, which is said to have led to disputes and pressure on the UK within the "Five Eyes" alliance (secret service alliance between the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand). The report does not reveal how the Huawei components could be replaced and how they should be replaced.

The United States and especially President Donald Trump have been pushing the European states for a long time to exclude Huawei as a provider of their 5G infrastructure. So far, these have not officially complied with the request and still keep the option to use Huawei products open. Johnson had initially taken the decision in this regard from his predecessor Theresa May, but restricted it so that "risky providers" were excluded from the "core areas" of the infrastructure.

With the new step Johnson deviates from this line and fulfills the demands of the USA. Johnson had had serious concerns about Huawei from the start, according to the Telegraph. Nevertheless, he wanted to maintain economic relations with China.


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