“Unbearable amount of agitation on the Internet”: law against hate crime is coming

In the future, hate and agitation will be persecuted and punished more severely in Germany. Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht’s (SPD) law to combat right-wing extremism and hate crime is to be passed on Thursday with “numerous changes” in the Bundestag, as SPD MP Johannes Fechner told the German Press Agency. The coalition’s legal politicians and the Ministry of Justice agreed.

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“Hate and agitation online have become unbearable. Hanau has shown that the step from word to act is often not far,” said Fechner. “We are very happy that it worked and we can pass this important law next week.” The Minister of Justice first presented the law last December, it also provides for reporting to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

A central point in the new law is the protection of local politicians, because they are often exposed to insults. At the moment, the penal code protects a “person standing in the political life of the people” from defamation and defamation. So far, the relevant paragraph has been applied primarily to federal and state politicians.

Anyone who threatens bodily harm and sexual assault will in future commit a criminal offense according to the draft law – as previously only with death threats. In addition, among other things, people who work in emergency rooms are to be given special protection against threats and acts of violence.

The Greens see further need for change. It is good that there are finally changes to the law, said the Green legal expert Renate Künast on Saturday. “However, we are not completely convinced of the specific implementation and therefore introduce amendments to the process accordingly.” This particularly concerns the specific design of the reporting procedure to the Federal Criminal Police Office and the use of the data.


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