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Who is Metin Oktay, an important name of Turkish football, the uncrowned king?

Metin Oktay has been among the names who have not forgotten his name until the day-to-day, with the words of his personality and saying that he is beside the football player. When it comes to the date of September 13, 1991, the legendary name of soccer, which swallowed the eyes of its eyes due to a traffic accident at the age of 55, is always remembered and is remembered with love and longing at any moment, including birth and death anniversaries.

 The Uncrowded King Metin Oktay

Metin Oktay Hayatı

On the second day of February 1936, Metin Oktay, who opened his eyes on the Karşıyaka district of İzmir county, stepped into his first football career in 1951. Metin Oktay, who ran the ball in Damlacıkspor, one of the amateur teams of İzmir, succeeded in attracting all attention in a short period of time. His goals and the performance he exhibited did not go too far, and in 1954 he transferred to İzmirspor and switched to his professional career.

Metin Oktay's professional football career

This success of Metin Oktay attracted the interest of big teams and when it came to 1955 Galatasaray has changed his life was signed. Metin Oktay, who has already burned with Galatasaray love, has not scored his goalscorer for three seasons. 1956-57, 1957-58 season living in championship twice gave great services to Galatasaray. [19659010] Turkey Super League accepted as the beginning and founded in 1959, has marked National League and the league following the establishment of nonstop goal for three years The king has written his name on the throne. In a very short time Metin Oktay succeeded to be among the legends of Galatasaray.

For the first time in 1961, a foreign exchange was transferred abroad. Metin Oktay, who has signed Palermo, which is deeply rooted among the Italian football teams, has scored 2 goals in 12 matches and returned to Galatasaray in the following season. So the next time you stepped up to the year 1969 to the second Galatasaray adventure. [19659010] 3 in the second period in the league, Galatasaray, Turkey Cup 4 and 2 lived in the Presidential Cup championship. He has scored six goals in his career, scoring 217 goals in total. Fenerbahçe 18, Besiktas'a 13 goals scored goals to look at the derby matches.

After his retirement in 1969, he became the assistant coach of Galatasaray coach Tomislav Kaloperovic. At the end of the season he decided to leave with Kaloperovic. In 1972 he worked again in Bursaspor this time as an assistant to Kaloperovic. In the middle of the season Metin Oktay was brought to technical director instead of assistant. So the first coach in his life began his career. In the 1972-73 season, his position was terminated by Bursaspor.
After that, he worked as manager in Galatasaray and sports writer in newspapers.

Metin Oktay Death

On 13 September 1991, he passed away at the exit of the Bosphorus Bridge and passed away at the young age of his life. Galatasaray's teammate, Turgay Sheren, who died in 2016, explained the following about Metin Oktay's death:

After Galatasaray's victory, we were eating at Galatasaray Island in Kuruçeşme at night. When the texts progressed, I said I would get up and the other friends at the table opposed it. Metin expressed that he should go without listening despite the resistance and he left us. Behind Metin Oktay bridge, he learned that his life was lost as a result of a traffic accident.

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