Unique Model Cars Produced by Amalgam Collection

The company, Amalgam Collection, combines various production methods to create models of the most iconic and luxury cars in the world. So much so that even the 3D prints of these unique handmade products are enough to dazzle the viewers.

Given the idea of ​​collecting small-scale cars and boats, this can be a bit of an expensive hobby, but for many people owning and accumulating such model products is a passion to compete with top-quality watches or valuable artwork. One of the companies producing these desired jobs Amalgam Collection It is known by the name. The company, which uses a wide variety of design methods to reveal products, thus strengthens its position in the market by creating unique examples of the most luxurious cars.

Models produced by the Amalgam Collection offer all of the original designs sensitive It is the result of processing in some way. In other words, people who look at 3D photo prints of the emerging designs may not understand whether the products are model or real. The secret of this success of the Amalgam Collection is that its artisans use CAD data that is provided by real manufacturers and is kept confidential. expert designer and engineers see it as unmatched processing in team partnership.

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900/1938 Mille Miglia

alpha romeo

Lamborghini / Centenario


Mercedes / Benz 300SL

mercedes benz 300sl

The fact that the models create their originals almost flawlessly and distinguish the designs from a real car in photos near impossible It is said that the company, which has been commented, has been improving itself day by day. In addition, the company achieves this success by shrinking various parts of the original dimensions of the cars without breaking their proportions; around 1,000 each capturing every aspect of every car so as not to miss the finishes and details reference the photo is being taken.


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For those who are curious, the company can develop a 1: 8 scale prototype. More than 4,000 hours it takes time and the models take approximately 250 to 450 hours to build. The product is sent to the manufacturer as a final step so that the resulting model can accurately represent every detail of the real car. Thus, the presentation of the models that are approved as a result of the detailed examination is made. Other models of the company from here You can reach. What did you think of the few examples we selected for you above? Do you think what is said about the designs is true, you can report your opinions to us and our other readers in the comments section.

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