Unusual Social Media: What is ‘Clubhouse’, How to Use It?

If you are looking for an alternative and quality social media channel, you may have heard the name ‘Clubhouse’ in recent weeks. We have answered for you, what is the Clubhouse, which works by invitation, how to use it, how it is different from others, where you can communicate by voice in private chat rooms.

Social media experience of most of us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram limited by the triangle. However, lately we see that living in this triangle is getting harder and harder, because wandering around crowded and uncanny squares where false information is circulated is tiring. For this reason, even if we do not realize it, when we see an alternative, we immediately switch to it. Especially in the last few weeks Clubhouse was one of these alternatives.

Himself “A new generation network based on voice” Clubhouse offers its users the opportunity to communicate only with their voices through private chat rooms. These chat rooms are usually based on a topic and unlike other platforms these rooms host quite sane discussions. So much so that you have to raise your hand to speak in a room you enter as a listener.

What is a clubhouse, what is it for?


The Clubhouse has not shared any written or visual postings; that is, a social network without a conventional home page flow; your interaction voice chat rooms a platform on which it is maintained.

Clubhouse offers users an environment free of pollution caused by written and visual information. In other words, it eliminates many who deviate from the purpose of mainstream media; motivation to generate ideas and share them sincerely with influential people working on it. We talk about this experience briefly at the end of our article.

How to use the clubhouse?

how to use clubhouse

  • From here Download the Clubhouse application to your iPhone or iPad device,
  • Choose a username for yourself,
  • Confirm your account with the incoming SMS message.
    • The developers state that work continues on the Android version of the application.

After this stage, Clubhouse puts you on a waiting list. However, if there are people using the application around you, you can pass the waiting phase with the invitation they send. When you first open the application after your account is approved, you will encounter many chat rooms. You attend a room whose subject interests you, if you wish raise your hand to chat to express your opinion you can join.

What kind of experience does the Clubhouse offer?


Due to its nature, it is quite difficult to describe the experience offered by Clubhouse in general, because how according to your consumption habits your experience takes shape. Therefore, it would be better to briefly talk about the experience in order to deliver this article to you.

Editor’s note: It was possible to truly experience participatory culture on social media and to ‘feel that you are socializing’.

As a content producer, in the first room I signed in to Clubhouse; We know from YouTube Barış Özcan, Reynmen (Yusuf Aktaş), Berkcan Güven, Mennan Şahin, Webrazzi founding CEO Arda Sacred, NASA’s Dr. Hope Star and there were dozens of more professional names. Enes Batur and Fester Abdü were among these names that advanced the conversation. In general, the advertising world, social media and user habits were discussed. It’s impossible to see these names in any ad at the same time.

In the later stages of the conversation, the number of participants is instantaneous Up to 350 person level has been reached. The topics that were spoken often did not appeal to mainstream social media users. However, someone who was a fan of Reynmen had the opportunity to ask questions, and he communicated with the person he wanted to communicate with for years. This experience was actually an interaction that gave even the mainstream user a voice and a chance to experience the participatory culture they missed. For professionals, this interaction opens the door to brand new content and business formats.

Clubhouse’un Opening to Android users It is obvious that the above flow of experience will change with it. As a platform that is currently in its infancy, Clubhouse eliminates the erosion created by today’s social media in our minds. Not only does it lift it up, it also makes our minds as fertile as the plains of alluvium that accumulate where a river meets the sea. We hope that this niche state of the platform will never deteriorate.