Update on the Mysterious Runes and Booty Lake at Fortnite

Fortnite 's last update to download the players encountered an interesting view. Seeing that the booty lake was covered with metal lids, the Fortnite players saw that the platform was moving towards it when they hit a mysterious alien script

Fortnite seems to be preparing for a new in-game event. This new event appears to focus on the Lake of Booty. The area where the Lake of Ganimet is now turned into a huge collection of metal caps and a large excavation site.

We don't know much about what Epic Games is planning to do with this update. Outside of Çileli Çiftlik, there is an alien platform that matches the ledges around the warehouse in the northern lake bed and contains shiny alien writings. Perhaps in the coming days, players can take their place around the warehouse and new alien writings may emerge. In addition, it is claimed that the metal field could be the top of a space ship buried in the ground where there would be no passage. It is also believed that the event may have a connection with the previous Visitor character.


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There is no information about when the changes on the map will be clarified. Players are still playing the game by trying to solve the mystery.