UPS is Preparing to Ship with Blockchain

UPS, one of the largest logistics companies in the world, is taking steps to implement BlockChain, the most important technology of recent times, in its shipments.

Blockchain technology, one of the most important technologies of recent years and rapidly spreading, is used for food and various needs . UPS, which has already taken a big step in this point, will speed up its shipments with blockchain.

The blockchain technology, which first appeared on February 16th and attracted the attention of other logistics companies such as UPS, can be seen in the near future as far as the time passed is concerned. Indicating that the Blockchain system can collect product records, UPS will basically follow the following logic:


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A package of products arriving first will enter the system and the route of interest will be determined afterwards. Then, when the package passes important steps in the system, the blockchain system will keep a record of the packet. In this way, each packet can be passed through the system in a controlled manner. UPS, on the other hand, plans to follow closely in the future, adding crypto money to future payment options.