US $ 4.5 Billion Patent Payment from Qualcomm

US technology giant Apple will pay $ 4.5 billion to Qualcomm for a single time.

Trade and deals between large firms are different from those that come across in the daily life of a normal person. There is a similar agreement between Qualcomm and Apple. There is also a case for this agreement

Apple and Qualcomm have a very complicated agreement on the patent. According to Qualcomm's second-quarter figures, Apple will have to make a one-time payment of $ 4.5 billion to $ 4.7 billion, according to Qualcomm's second-quarter figures.


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Qualcomm's overall performance out of money from Apple is pretty good. Above the expectations, the company managed to reach a turnover of 5 billion dollars with a growth of 5 percent.

Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of the company, said that they had performed better than expected and exceeded their expectations in this quarter. The CEO says this is the result of the company's strict quality management and investments. Mollenkopf also stated that they made a new deal with Apple and they would like to have a longer customer-vendor relationship with Apple.

Apple's payment will be filed in Qualcomm's next semester book. In addition, this license revenue will make Apple pay once again in the third quarter. Nevertheless, given the slowing market in China and the decline in Apple's sales, we can say that Qualcomm's earnings will not be that much.


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The company, based in San Diego, is expecting the market to reactivate with the arrival of 5G phones. Qualcomm will probably provide Apple's 5G chips. The company currently manufactures chips for many flagship phones.