US and Russia Partnership in Space Can End

The US and Russia partnerships in space, which are the most important actors in the space race that peaked during the Cold War, came to a breaking point. The two powerful states gradually began to work together in civil space activities. As time passed, they successfully established a comfortable bond between astronauts and engineers, but this bond could be worn out and in the long run completely ruptured.

NASA manager Jim Bridenstine visited Russia and Kazakhstan last year and also invited Rogozin to the United States. Rogozin's controversial background and the sanctions imposed on him by some US senators were strongly opposed to this. Since the agencies did not make any statements about this, it is not known how the interview went. According to a source dealing with space policies in the White House, the US and Russia have no urgent need to resolve their partnerships in space, but Russia does not seem to agree. the allegation that sabotage was laid out, stretched the ropes of the relationship between this couple. Naturally, there were some doubts both on the US side and on the Russian side. The main concern of the NASA is the systematic decline in Russian software and applications. In particular, the failures of the Soyuz rockets last year


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In general, both sides have their own reasons to disrupt this partnership in space. The Russian side thinks the spacecraft has been sabotaged by NASA astronauts, while the US side thinks that Russia is quite backward after the Cold War and that its technical staff and technologies are not enough.


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