US Crypto Requests Information from Money Exchange

Government officials in the US recently followed the market closely to see if any manipulation of the crypto money market had returned some time before.

The possibility that the crypto money market in the country is being exposed to manipulation has taken the action by the US authorities.

The real motivation for government officials was in fact the possibility of manipulating Bitcoin-based futures contracts offered by the CME Group.

The final price of a bitcoin-based futures contract is determined by taking data from four different stock markets: Bitstamp, Coinbase itBit and Kraken. One of CME's spokesperson spoke to The Wall Street Journal and stated that it is an agreement based on information sharing with the above-mentioned stock exchanges:

"All included stock exchanges have an obligation to share information as well as collaborate in investigations and investigations

No Positive Side

Kraken's CEO Jesse Powell commented on the issue and stressed that he was not very pleased with the investigation conducted by government officials.

"If a manipulative attempt is in the middle, the person who takes this initiative risks too much for the possibility of a very low positive outcome."

Some say that manipulation in the crypto money market is almost impossible they are completely confident.

According to the article published by The Wall Street Journal one of the most common manipulation tactics in the crypto money market is to sazanlamak [19659012] (spoofing). What is this carp? In the Dodd-Frank Act, this action is defined as:

"To make an offer or intrigue with the intent to cancel later."

How does this work when we practice practice? As you know, there are two types of orders in the stock market: 'al' and 'sat'. You can buy and / or sell some amount of shares automatically after you have set an appropriate amount for yourself. Carpentry is also used when this 'order' option is used to trick the market. Some investors set a very high amount to 'sell' the shares for that amount, but after a while they cancel the sale. Why is this done? Because these investors want to mobilize the market, manipulate . Let's give an example over bitcoin. A large investor enters the stock market and issues a 'sell' order for 2000 Bitcoins at a certain price. Other investors who see such an order on the Bourse are also selling their Bitcoins with the "whale come around" .

This carp is actually an illegal event, but since Bitcoin markets are not organized by any state, action.