US Fleet Starts Preparations for War

The US Navy began to prepare its navy and war planes, following the constantly strained atmosphere with Russia and China.

The US Navy gained a great deal of flexibility in the course of the past days, especially in terms of route choice and time spent at sea. According to Defense Minister Jim Mattis, this flexibility will reduce both the pressure on soldiers in the naval service and some critical steps will be easier to hide than competitors.


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The decision was put into effect but was not valid for vessels currently on duty and returning to the country from the mission in the Middle East. The US Navy currently has 11 active carrier ships, and three of them are on their way to new routes for possible combat with Russia and China. USS Carl Vinson, USS Abraham Lincoln and USS John C.Stennis are expected to locate dozens of war planes in their new territory.

The USS Abraham will move from Lincoln, Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego and join the Pacific fleet.

The USS John C.Stennis will be moved to Norfolk for refueling first. Later, he will stay with the warplanes, which have loads for possible missions.

The USS Carl Vinson will move to Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, moving from Kitsap in Washington to this area. It is said that the naval ship that recently participated in a drill would wait for it to be ready in this region.







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