US government justifies action against TikTok in court

The video app TikTok is still threatened with a download stop in the US from next Monday. The US government submitted the required detailed justification for its action to a court in Washington on Friday. So the countdown for TikTok continues. However, the court scheduled a hearing for Sunday on an application by TikTok for an injunction against the download stop. The US government had decreed that the application should be removed from Apple and Google app stores on Monday if there is no final agreement by then.

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The US Department of Commerce had already postponed this deadline by a week after US President Donald Trump announced his approval in principle for a currently planned deal relating to TikTok’s global business with the participation of the US companies Oracle and Walmart. Most recently, he said that work was still going on on a final agreement, which he still had to agree to.

TikTok belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance. Trump had described the app as a security risk because Chinese authorities could use the app to access data from US citizens. With two orders, he laid the basis for the end of the app in the USA. TikTok and Bytedance argued in vain that data from US users was stored in the US and not going to China.

In the court documents, the US government reiterated its argument that TikTok collects a lot of data from US users – and from their point of view there is a risk that Chinese authorities gain access to it. Some passages of the documents are blackened. This also includes the reason why the US government continues to see risks despite the assurance that data from American users will be stored in the US.


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