US Secretary of State Pompeo: Huawei fights against renewed 5G Killswitch charge

Huawei has come out against allegations by US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo securesthis one in the US magazine Politico Europe has published. "Huawei categorically rejects the defamatory and false allegations of the United States government, which are malicious and worn-out allegations." They merely undermine the reputation of the United States and are an insult to the sovereignty of Europe and the technical expertise of telecom operators.

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Huawei is 100 percent privately owned and will be owned by "no arm of the Chinese state controlled", The Chinese telecom equipment provider receives no subsidies from any government and there are none "massive state support", Huawei was and never was involved in espionage of any kind.

EU ministers will meet in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss joint 5G network commitments. According to Pompeo, who previously headed the CIA foreign intelligence service, European countries are likely to be Chinese corporations "How Huawei or ZTE do not leave control of their critical infrastructure",

With 5G, the Chinese party leadership allegedly used the access of Huawei or ZTE to steal information or with "Kill switches" disrupting critical applications such as power grids and telemedicine centers, Pompeo explained. The Shenzhen-based company has ties with the Chinese People's Liberation Army and is involved in espionage in the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands, allegedly stealing intellectual property from foreign competitors in Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States Countries such as Algeria, Belgium and Sierra Leone charged with bribery and corruption. "

Gerhard Schindler, the former president of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and lobbyist for security companies with Friedrich 30, had already made the Killswitch accusation in January 2019. Even at that time, Vodafone technicians had it "incompetent nonsense" designated.

Telefónica Germany boss Markus Haas told the world, he does not want that investment decisions are subject to political arbitrariness, because one government does not like another. Haas condemns the "fact-free discussions", Huawei has been for ten years "a very reliable partner who achieves technological excellence", A shutdown of mobile networks from the outside from China is nonsense. "We are the master of our network"Haas said.

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