US, Turkey to Make the F-35 is the delivery freezes

The United States agreed on a collective senate of 1078 votes against 877 billion dollars worth of defense spending in 2019. This is to be sold to Turkey concerning the F-35 'red alert' means. [19659002] 21 June, the F-35 aircraft developer Lockheed Martin, the aircraft produced to be delivered to Turkey had presented the show. Later, as the congressional process was inaugurated, the official ceremonies could not be delivered.

It seems that this painful process will continue. According to the bill approved in both houses of Congress, it does not seem possible delivery of these aircraft to Turkey. The design of the law, as it is known, must pass by Donald Trump according to US law. If Trump sees the design of the law, the process for the F-35s will get mixed up.


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Today we are wondering what kind of process we are going to have about the F-35 deliveries with the United States, where our diplomatic relations are in a 'critical' position. The 116 F-35s ordered in the F-35 Lightning II project, which we were included in 2002, will not be able to reach our country this way. Turkey has pledged to pay for the cost of these aircraft were $ 25 billion.