USA; Fleet of F-35s sent to Pacific

The United States, which has recently become more aggressive with Trump's influence, The fleet of F-35s sneaked to the Pacific Ocean with aircraft carriers. Hedefte has countries such as China and North Korea.

The F-35 type aircraft, considered as one of the most successful weapons of the United States, has been fitted with aircraft carriers with new arrangements as you know.


The F-35B, which has become a unique blessing for American aircraft carriers with its new versions, has been secretly sent to new positions in the world media.
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After the leak, the aircraft fleets, which are filled with F-35s known as the "Ghost Plane", have found themselves in the Pacific Ocean near countries such as China and North Korea, according to a statement from the American Navy.


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There are rumors that the United States is occasionally targeting intelligence gathering with hidden flights, although this movement, which is fundamentally developed for threats from China and North Korea, does not violate its national borders.