USA: Huawei wants to sell its 5G technology

Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei has offered to provide US companies with the 5G technology. Ren said that New York TimesHuawei is "Open to sharing our 5G technologies with US companies so they can build their own 5G industry, creating a balance between China, the US and Europe."

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"But", he added, "For that, the US side needs to come in some way, and American companies can also modify our 5G technologies to meet their security needs." You could even "change the software code",

With a decree issued on 15 May 2019, US President Donald Trump declared the national emergency for telecommunications. The US Department of Commerce banned all businesses that "pose a risk to the US" and put Huawei on the so-called entity list. In fact, the US no longer has a mobile communications equipment provider, especially in the radio sector. Lucent Technologies merged with French Alcatel in 2006. The joint venture was later bought by Nokia. Motorola Solutions' mobile communications business went to Nokia Siemens Networks in 2010. Cisco and Adtran are trying to build a broader offer in the 5G space.

In an interview with The Economist Ren said that a 5G technology buyer would receive perpetual access to Huawei's existing 5G patents, licenses, codes, engineering designs, and manufacturing know-how for a one-time fee. The acquirer could also modify the source code.

The value of the company's entire 5G technology portfolio could add tens of billions of dollars to a sale, the report said.