USA, Most Death and Most Case Country from Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic, which affected the world, also heavily affected the Western world. In the United States, one of the centers of the epidemic, the number of official cases exceeded 500 thousand, and the number of deaths was 19 thousand 715.

First of all, China Wuhan The coronavirus pandemic, which emerged in the city and turned into a worldwide epidemic, left many countries in a difficult situation. The most common place of coronavirus cases was the USA.

With the data announced today, the total number of cases seen in the USA has exceeded 500 thousand. In the country Covidien-19 The number of people who lost their lives due to the increase of 2,035 people today, the total number of tests exceeded 2.5 million.

Number of cases 507 thousand


Number of coronavirus cases today 33.752 With the new case, it was announced as 507,534 in total. The number of people who lost their lives due to the pandemic throughout the country was 19,816. The number of people affected by the outbreak in the country but later discharged was 28,224.

A significant part of the cases occurred in New York. Total number of cases in the state 172.358 It was. In the state where 783 people died today, the total number of deaths was 8627.


Pandemic Isolation Tracking System Announced by the Ministry of Health is in Service

Total number of tests done so far in the USA 2 million 556 thousand It was. The current number of active cases stands out as 459,494. It is stated that there are 3366 cases in the army outside the US, 558 in Najavo, 103 on the Grand Princess ship and 46 on the Diamond Princess ship.

US peaked in deaths


The first case of coronavirus February 15In the USA, where it was announced in, the toilet paper tails had fallen into the language of social media for a long time. The attitude of US President Donald Trump against the epidemic and the methods of struggle he followed were seriously in the focus of criticism.


14 percent of the people in a town in Germany are immune to coronavirus

The number of cases worldwide has exceeded 1 million 700 thousand. While the total number of deaths exceeded 100 thousand, the USA, 19,715 loss of life With Italy, it has become the country with the highest number of fatalities in the world.