USA: Trump wants to ban TikTok

The US President Donald Trump wants to ban the short video app TikTok in the USA, and this Saturday. Journalists traveling with Trump told Air Force One on Friday night (local time): “As for TikTok, we are banishing them from the United States.” He has the power to do so and can do so with a presidential decree. According to informed circles, it was announced on Friday that Microsoft was interested in TikTok. According to the journalists, Trump made it clear that he was against a deal in which a US company would take over TikTok’s operations in America.

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TikTok has repeatedly come under criticism for security concerns, data protection and censorship. The Chinese company Bytedance bought the karaoke app in 2017 and converted all users into its competitor TikTok within a year. A U.S. committee launched an investigation in 2019 into data protection concerns about U.S. user data that may be accessible by Chinese authorities and content censorship.

Bytedance is subject to Chinese law, according to the allegation at the time. Bytedance then stated that TikTok is operated entirely outside of China, the data is stored on US servers and that user data has never been passed on to the government in Beijing and that this will not happen if the company is asked to do so. The company operates the Douyin version in China.

Donald Trump’s election committee recently called on social networks to sign a petition to ban TikTok. Facebook ads said, for example, that “TikTok was caught red handed” after developers noticed that TikTok regularly copied the clipboard from iOS users. Previously, TikTok users might have trolled Donald Trump’s election campaign appearance in Tulsa and created empty ranks.

According to Reuters followed Trump’s announcement to ban the service after “hectic” negotiations between the White House, Bytedance, and potential buyers of TikTok, including Microsoft. Use the video service according to data from Reuters 80 million people a month in the United States. Bytedance’s expected valuation of over $ 50 billion for TikTok and the insistence on a minority stake in the app led to difficult negotiations, according to the report.

TikTok also came under fire in April for security vulnerabilities. This would prevent large parts of the data traffic between TikTok and the app servers from being encrypted and enable misuse. Previously, server-side vulnerabilities allowed account manipulation. In addition to TikTok and WeChat, India blocked 57 other apps in June that would send data to China and threaten India’s sovereignty.


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