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Technologies that recognize the needs of website visitors are becoming increasingly popular. Visitors to a B2B website don’t just literally call modern software solutions by name. By resolving IP addresses, visitors to websites are identified with company name, address, industry affiliation, number of employees and visiting behavior in compliance with data protection regulations. The specific need can be easily read from the pages visited or downloads.

Break new ground in sales with IP resolution

Instead of waiting for a prospect to place an order, the salesperson decrypts their digital footprint himself. With the help of the software, he receives prospects with clear purchase intentions. So he does not miss those companies that are about to conclude a purchase. This is especially true for the abandoned cart. Inestimable for B2B commerce and a great starting point to open the door to the next paying customer.

Wiredminds IP resolution
Turn anonymous website visitors into the paying customers of tomorrow.

Benefit beyond the acquisition of new customers

Those who are well informed act quickly and with foresight. Marketers who recognize the potential of IP resolution give the company a huge competitive advantage. You will see your own business model with new eyes and derive answers to important questions:

  • Do the companies on our website act as we would like them to?
  • Are we pulling the right industries onto the company website?
  • Are there any promising new markets or countries out there?
  • What cross- and upselling potential do I have with existing customers?
  • Which of my products is my competition interested in?

The planning and evaluation of campaigns is also more efficient, since not only anonymous figures are considered. Realizing that the expensive Google AdWords campaign does not address the industries or company sizes that my target group definition provides saves money. Understanding which keywords work well for medium-sized machine builders noticeably improves the conversion rate. Overall, data-driven marketing is being raised to a new level.

Integrate seamlessly into existing workflows

Implementing software for IP resolution is easy. A code snippet is integrated into the website and the software is ready to go. From the first minute, the user receives previously unknown sales potential. Identified companies and their visit behavior are made available in the software, by email or via an interface directly in their own CRM system.

A consultant from Professional Service accompanies the user on request from the first conversation up to years after the implementation. He ensures that the software is always optimally aligned with the company’s sales processes. Finally, the data protection officer can take a deep breath, because the resolution of IP addresses is legally secure. According to Art. 6 GDPR 1 (f) lit., the information about the behavior of visitors to the website is in the legitimate interest of the website operator.

>> A free test of the software is available here.

About the author: Adam Przybyla is a project manager at WiredMinds GmbH. Its task is to make previously unused sales potentials visible for sales via IP resolution.