Valorant Final alluded to: action from the drawing board

Even a multi-million dollar production budget and experienced developers cannot guarantee that a computer game will be a success. In the very special segment of competitive free-to-play tactical shooters, there is just one prime example of this: the crucible published by Amazon and terribly flopped, which shortly after launch only has a few thousand players at a time.

Riot Games shows how it can be done almost simultaneously Valorant. There has been huge hype about the shooter for weeks. Dozens of well-known streamers have overflowed from their previous games to the newcomer, shortly after the release on June 2, 2020, the servers were overloaded for a few hours.

There are reasons for that. Obviously, Riot Games has worked intensively on essential things: What do the players want? Where is there a gap in the market between Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege? How do we have to market the thing? And how do we somehow create something like unique selling points?

You could fill books with the answers to these questions. For example, as far as the essential game mechanics are concerned: when we play the game, we are always amazed at how precisely the developers hit the declared goal of offering Gunplay like Counter-Strike – only in better (for fans of CS: different) and also with special skills .

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With these skills we can block the view of the opponents or see enemies through walls. That sounds like the opposite of the more realistic counter strike, but in fact it only feels a little different (for fans of Valorant: better).

In any case, it enables tactics and counter-tactics, which professional players will probably be able to deal with for many years, especially since Riot Games of course always wants to provide new and revised content.

Valorant has also convinced us technically so far – apart from the expected server problems on the first day. Riot Games provides dedicated 128-tick servers for all players worldwide. Movement upsampling is used for the movements, which gives the server more control than comparable programs. Among other things, this means that a single player with a bad connection does not ruin the game of the others.

Together with the fast gameplay (there is practically no time to kill, hits are almost always fatal), this results in a very tight feel. At Valorant, we have the impression that we are largely in control of our actions, and in particular our weapons.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that we win all the time – but that it is our own fault if we are dead in the dust again. Stupid for us, but great for competitive gamers and especially for e-athletes!

Basically, two teams of five competitors each compete in Valorant. One team should drop a bomb in certain places, the other should prevent it. A standard match runs over 13 rounds, which usually means a playing time of three-quarters of an hour.

At the start, Riot Games added a Venice-style map and the additional agent Reyna, as well as a game mode for faster spontaneous games. What other content is planned is not yet known in detail.

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