VALORANT Review: Can it stand out from its competitors?

ROTOR Games’ new tactical shooter VALORANT is launched. The excitement of the players was fueled during the beta process that has been going on for months. Is VALORANT really a high-quality production to be the game of the year? We have examined VALORANT for you to the finest details.

Riot Games entered the competitive FPS games arena under the name VALORANT and plunged into a very tough competition. Paladins, Overwatch, CS: GO and even Rainbow Six SiegeHas made a fast introduction to this competitive environment, where even Google is, after the beta process. The game made its final debut on June 2, 2020, and was among the free games on the market.

“So what does VALORANT add to the games currently on the market?” “Is VALORANT a CS: GO flash?” We seem to hear questions. So let’s move on to our review, where we answer all these questions and more without further ado. Hold on tight friends: lots of tension, sometimes after nervous breakdowns and often (!) Wins after matches our own experiences We transfer.

Firstly the valorant Let’s talk about Turkish support:

valorant in turkish

Riot Games’s localization adventure that started with League of Legends VALORANT It is a pleasing development for us to see that it continues with. Besides all the texts in the game are in Turkish voices in Turkish In the language. It makes people happy to hear Turkish voices especially in times when the agents are joking among themselves from time to time.

VALORANTbrings a breath of fresh air to tactical shooter games:


Although VALORANT appears at first glance at a line very similar to its rivals such as Paladins and Overwatch, there is a big change in the number of shells you need to spend to kill your enemies. As long as you shoot at the right place in VALORANT, it takes a short time to kill your enemies. In this way, the player constantly on tenterhooks manages to hold.

Of course, the actual game that VALORANT looks like is not Overwatch or Paladins. The first thing that comes to mind in the tactical shooter type is naturally born from the Half-Life legend. Counter-Strike series is happening. The bomb item that Counter-Stirke adds to competitive games is still used in most games because it remains fresh even today. In VALORANT, the name given to the bomb concept is “Spike”.

VALORANT has similarities to Counter-Strike in many different ways except Spike. But the biggest feature that distinguishes the game from the CS series is that each agent have separate abilities. Skills are much higher than CS: GO, one of today’s most popular competitive games more dynamic gameplay Creating. In order to understand what to expect from the other side, it is essential to know the capabilities of all agents.


Unlike other games that have character abilities, Riot Games has not added countdown to abilities. Instead, a different way is followed to limit the use of skills. In the purchasing phase, which takes place at the beginning of each round, it is necessary to purchase the talents. There is a purchasing capacity for each skill. If you use it, the next round re-purchase required.

Speaking of talents, it is impossible not to touch the ultras. Just like other abilities, there is no countdown for the ultras. However, instead of purchasing this time, you have to fill your ultimate power thanks to the things you do in the game. You can capture certain points to fill your ultimate power. Of course killing your enemies the thing that earns the most points.

The innovations, especially about the abilities, give the game a variety that most people would not expect. We were delighted that Riot Games did not use a simple copy-paste system when adding a new game to a genre where competition is so high. Because all the tactical shooter type games are under the intense influence of Counter-Strike, they are hungry for innovations. Of course, all the innovation needs of VALORANT correct that also need to add.

Make sure you take advantage of the polygon in the game:


The training areas in VALORANT are very useful for learning the basics of the game and trying different agents. However, it is possible to find educational tasks with similar teachings in every competitive game. To the training fields of VALORANT our reason for opening a title is to try all the weapons, recoil shapes a polygon that you can also be familiar with.

Thanks to its high interactivity, the polygon in VALORANT allows you to easily adjust the sensitivity that needs to be set first in the most accurate level for you. During the practice of shooting where you can try all the weapons, without entering the menu of the game buttons that you can shoot you can change the sensitivity.

We are talking about a game where you have to give a lot of instant reactions. In your reactions you must be accurate You can be successful in two games. For this reason, we recommend that you practice your mouse sensitivity by practicing shots before fishing the game. Otherwise, it is not even sincere to be an easy bait against your enemies.

A visual gameplay oriented style has been adopted:


VALORANT is not a visually Rainbow Six Siege or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare level game for a variety of reasons. Like reaching more players in following this path marketing oriented Although the decisions made are effective, what really interests us is how this visual style reflects on the gameplay.

There is no rule that every game will look great. In fact, most of the games released do not offer extremely realistic graphics. In fact, there are games that are drawn really far. But with cartoon graphics There are very few games that can blend good gameplay. VALORANT is exactly a game that falls into this category.

Preferred drawings in the game are designed to allow you to understand what is happening around you well during the war. While navigating the map read the game well It is very important. When we say drawing style is understandable, this is the point we want to press. It is easy to see this when a skill is thrown, fired from somewhere, or an object that can be interacted with.

The fact that it is a new breath does not point well in everything:


There are shortcomings in VALORANT like every game. Especially the game does not do a great job of introducing itself to the player. Although there is not a huge pool of agents in the game, it takes some time to get used to the agents. To prevent this, every agent focusing individually It would be much better if small training tasks were added.

Training missions with different scenarios for each agent could encourage players to try new agents. Unfortunately, to win game practice with an agent you don’t know much you have to jump to war. In a character-oriented game like VALORANT, it is not easy to take risks by choosing characters you are not familiar with.

Another point to be criticized about the game is that the weapons do not have their own appearance. Of course without cosmetics We are talking about. Since all the weapons in the game are in black and gray tones, they do not have their own identity. The obvious difference between M4A1 and AK-47 in CS: GO is unfortunately not found in VALORANT.


There are also shortcomings in the detailing of character models. As with weapons, there are no obvious similarities between the characters. But the agents are in themselves more detailed designs he could have. Of course, the shortcomings in the design side arise from the sacrifices made to make the game work on more systems. But it’s still a minus that needs to be addressed.

Let’s focus on a controversial issue. The recoil patterns of the weapons in VALORANT are somewhat random. So, like CS: GO, weapons don’t bounce every time by drawing the same shape. There is a certain shape, but that shape is always little differencea appears. Players are divided into two in this regard.

Since the weapons bounce to a certain extent randomly, the ability to adapt sometimes prevents strict training. Some work chance factor While it is uncomfortable for being involved, some of them are satisfied that their muscle memory does not prevent everything. Since the subject is controversial, we leave the decision to you, our readers.

VALORANT has in-game purchases, but …

valorant market

VALORANT, like almost any free online game, has in-game purchases. It has become very customary for the games offered for free to prefer this way as a monetization model. However, there are some games that use this model for in-game in real money. having advantages sells a number of items. This method is a way that some players never approve of.

Fortunately VALORANT “pay-to-win“It does not adopt a model that you can buy in order to gain real money advantage. In the game, the only thing you can buy with real money besides cosmetics is new agents. However, it is possible to open new agents by doing in-game tasks. In short, you cannot become invincible by spending money. .

Being unable to change the server you are connecting to is a two-sided coin:

riot games client

VALORANT perhaps envy we look for that Riot Games is server in Turkey low pings the only competitive game we can have. Riot Games is a company that takes care of low ping values ​​in its games. For exactly this reason, you can connect to a single region with an account.

The fact that the accounts cannot change the server ensures that there are low-ping matches, but this time, using the account you spend hours on, a match other than the TR servers You can not enter. If you have friends living in another area, you can’t play with them by not having a little high ping.

As we said, this is a medallion with two sides. As a result, a player with a high ping is the only evil he doesn’t do it to himself. Due to the high ping, sometimes confusing situations can occur. It can even be seen that this situation gives an advantage to the high-ping player.

Conclusion: VALORANT is really a good game (is it?)


VALORANT is a good game that should be tried by anyone interested in the genre. Although it has sides that are similar to its competitors, it has managed to leave its competitors at certain points and makes us feel unfamiliar to the players and creates a new sense of adventure from us. passing a note He was able to.